Dealer Targeted While Loading Up To Leave Show

Albermale, North Carolina police are investigating the October 9, 2010 theft from coin dealer Charles Gray while attending a small club show in Albermale. The victim had loaded his vehicle and went back inside to retrieve the last few items before leaving the show. While inside unknown suspect or suspects entered his vehicle and removed several bags containing part of his inventory.

The following is a partial list of stolen coins;

180 Rolls Kennedy Halves, full set walking liberty halves, 1992-1998 silver quarters MS 66, MS 66 Roanoke Commem half, 1832 Bust Half ANACS AU, 1946D Half MS 65 NGC, 1946S Half MS65 NGC, 1947 MS65 ANACS, Double row boxes of mercury, roosevelt and washington quarters.

Any dealer or collector with any information should contact: Det. Doug Hicks 704-984-9528 or Doug Davis at 817-723-7231 or Doug @