NCIC provides assistance to Crime Victims

Victim Assistance

Numismatic crimes can often be devastating to collectors and dealers. In some cases it can mean the difference in a comfortable retirement or the destruction of a successful business. NCIC has developed resources that provide the framework for conducting competent, and productive numismatic investigations.

Victims of numismatic crimes are often frustrated and in many instances feel that law enforcement is not doing enough on their specific case. NCIC addresses this problem through several initiatives during the investigative process.

  • NCIC representatives will contact victims reporting a crime or suspicious criminal activity.
  • NCIC will alert the appropriate law enforcement agency with jurisdiction.
  • NCIC will provide the investigating law enforcement agency with a detailed numismatic crime investigative checklist.
  • Major crime reports will be placed on NCIC’s web page immediately upon notification.
  • Assist in the expeditious dissemination of information within the numismatic community and law enforcement.
  • Provide technical case support to law enforcement.
  • Assist in developing investigative strategies.
  • Provide investigators with names of numismatic experts within their jurisdiction.
  • Acts as a liaison between victims, law enforcement, prosecutors and judges.

Due to the complex issues involved in handling a numismatic crime, the victim often finds themselves on an emotional roller coaster. It is important for crime victims to know that they are not alone and help is available. You may contact our offices, via telephone or e-mail for direct victim assistance.