Masked Burglars Ram Car Into Shop

Springfield, Mo police are investigating the early morning burglary of R&K Coins. Video shows a vehicle black or blue in color, similar to a Nissan Altima, plowing thru the front door of the shop. Two hooded suspects enter the store and remove thousands of dollars in coins and currency.

A second vehicle was seen at the rear of the shop and described possibly as a white Ford Focus.

The following is a partial list of stolen items:

Complete Short Set of Walkers UNC in Capital holder, Complete Set Franklin Half Dollars UNC in Capital holder, Complete Set Jefferson NIckels UNC in Capital holder, 5-10 Gold Commems, 10 Confederate Notes AU in Acrylic holders, 19th Century Type Set UNC in Capital holder,

Anyone with information contact: Doug Davis 817-723-7231

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