NCIC Year End Support

The Numismatic Crime Information Center has become a driving force in the fight against “Numismatic Crime”. Every day I see the amazing impact that donors from the numismatic community are having in these complex investigations. Because of the generosity NCIC receives more cases and calls in a single day than most law enforcement officers will see in a lifetime. Its the support that has helped NCIC assist law enforcement agencies in solving cases, recover property and make arrests.

However more victims and law enforcement will contact NCIC in 2019, seeking assistance and resources where they can’t get anywhere else during the investigation of a numismatic crime. That is why your year-end support is so crucial.

This is your opportunity to help us:

1.Lead the fight against numismatic crimes by enhancing educational and investigative resources for law enforcement and the numismatic community.

2.Continue to educate law enforcement across the country in investigating numismatic crimes.

3.Provide the resources of NCIC free to law enforcement and the numismatic community.

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Please don’t wait. Make your year-end tax-deductible gift before Dec. 31.


Doug Davis Founder/President