Surveillance Equipment Inadequate in Coin Shop Burglaries

Surveillance Equipment Inadequate in Coin Shop Burglaries

During the past several months the Numismatic Crime Investigation Center has assisted in the investigation of several coin shop burglaries in the state of Texas. In each case the quality of the recorded video was inadequate for law enforcement investigators to use for evidentiary purposes.

Dealers utilizing video surveillance as a crime prevention strategy should periodically evaluate their system to determine its effectiveness in identifying criminals during the commission of an armed robbery, burglary, fraud or theft. Surveillance video footage from a properly designed and maintained system can provide invaluable information during a criminal investigation.

The following information should be considered when maintaining a video surveillance system: • Identify current and future needs based upon operational requirements. • Maintain files on all video surveillance equipment. • Sketch out a floor plan to determine strategic camera locations. • Install/evaluate cameras at entrances and exits in order to provide clear views of anyone entering or leaving the business. • Provide video coverage to monitor areas where transactions and interactions occur between employees and customers. • Provide video coverage in safe and vault areas. • Consider ceiling mounted dome cameras for overall views of shop. • Evaluate/Test recording medium to insure adequate quality to identify offenders. • Make sure images produced are in a format that your local law enforcement agency can use. • Check system on a daily basis for clarity and proper operation. • Develop a retention schedule for stored data. • Train employees on system operations • Develop a maintenance schedule conducted by a qualified technician.

The benefits of maintaining a quality system is minimizing the risk of illegal activities, enhancing a safe working environment and providing law enforcement with recording medium good enough for identification and prosecution.

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