NCIC Report Bulletin

Coins Stolen From Residence in Homestead Florida

Homestead, Florida - The following coins were stolen from a residence in Homestead, Florida;

Type I Gold Liberty Coins 1850 PCGS MS62 1851 PCGS MS63 1852 PCGS MS62 1865 NGC MS 62 (SS Republic Pedigree on Holder) 1858-O NGC AU58 (Pittman Pedigree on Holder)

SS Central America Gold Ingot Assayer: Justh & Hunter Serial# 4215 Ounces: 51.43

Anyone having any information should contact : Doug Davis NCIC 871-705-4450 or

Dealer 's Vehicle Burglarized After Houston Money Show

Shenandoah, Texas - Dealer David Salvette owner of Breck Rare Coin Co. left the Money Show of the Southwest on 12/07/08 and stopped at a restaurant in Shenandoah, Texas. While inside unknown suspect or suspects burglarized his vehicle and took inventory valued at over $100,000. Salvette believes that he was followed from the show by a group of individuals. The inventory taken included 100 PCGS gold coins $1 thru 20’s, 75 PCGS Morgans, 75 NGC gold coins, $1 thru $5 Libs, 100 NGC Morgans, 1879cc Capped Die PCGS MS63, 1893s PCGS VF30, 1925 St. Gaudens PCGS 62, and 1909D Saint PCGS 64.

Additional losses included: PCGS Gold Saints 1908 W/M 64, 1908D N/M 63&64, 1909D 64, 1910 64, 1911 63&64, 1912 64, 1913 64, 1913S 63&64, 1913D 64, 1914D 64, 2-1915 64, 2-1915 62&63, 1916S 64,. Ten Indian 1909S 64 CAC. PCGS $20 Libs 1875S 62, 1876S 61, 1883S 61, 1883cc 58, 1890cc 55.

Any collector or dealer having information on this offense should contact: Detective Nolan Diver at 281-367-8952 or Doug Davis NCIC 817-705-4450

Collector is Victim of $300,000 Safe Burglary

West Windsor New Jersey - The West Windsor Township Police Department is investigating a safe burglary that netted the burglars $300,000 in rare coins, bullion and paper money. Sometime between 11/4/2008 and 11/05/2008 suspect or suspects forcibly entered the victims garage and cut open a safe containing the large collection. A small listing of the stolen property is listed below.

1864 – L Indian Head cent, mint state 60 1887 – Indian Head cent, mint state 65 1893 – Indian Head cent, proof 64 1938 – D/S Buffalo 5 cent PCGS, mint state 66 ($5,000) 1929 – Standing Liberty quarter, mint state 65, full head ins slab 1892 – Barbar quarter, mint state 64 ins 1857 – ½ cent NGC #704889, mint state 64, purchased from Teletrade 1839 – Large cent ANACS #569019, mint state 61 1909 – Lincoln cent PCGS #2434-64-3182 892, mint state 64 red 1932D – Washington quarter NGC #249928, mint state 63 Error collection containing hundreds of double dies 1837D 3Legged Buffalo MS 65 raw, 1932D MS 64 NGC, Large amount of Star notes 100’s, 50’s and 20’s, 50- 10 ounce bars, 15 Gold American Eagles

Any collector or dealer having any information should contact Det Kemp at 609-799-1222 or Doug Davis at NCIC.

$500,000 in Variety and Error Coins Are Stolen From Dealer Joe Gallo After Chattanooga, TN Show

Bessemer, Alabama - On November 2,2008 Dealer Joe Gallo on his way home from the Chattanooga, TN coin show stopped at a hotel in Bessemer, Alabama. Unknown person or persons removed approximately 1200 variety and error coins valued at $500,000 from his vehicle. At the present time it is unknown if he was followed from the show or this was a random incident. A short list of the stolen coins is attached.

Any collector or dealer having any information concerning this offense should contact Joe Gallo at 985-768-0203 or Doug Davis at NCIC 817-705-4450.

Gallo Offense.doc156.5 KB

Kevin Lipton Rare Coins Burglarized

Beverly Hills, Ca.- Kevin Lipton ,owner of Kevin Lipton Rare Coins, advised that unknown suspects entered his business on October 19, 2008 and removed coins and paper money valued at over $250,000. The coins taken included seven ms 66 certified NGC and PCGS with green CAC labels dated 1924-1928, a large number of 1999 $1 PCGS MS 69 First Strike, 1994 $1 NGC MS 68 First strike, 1994 MS 69 First strike $1, 1991 PCGS MS 69 First strike $1, 600 Canadian silver dollars, assorted sizes of Proof Eagles, 9 government packed CC dollars dated 1882-1884, 1810 $5 raw MS 63, 1911-D $5 MS 62 raw, and a 1892 50C Raw PF. Also taken was an uncut sheet of six $10 bills on “The First National Bank of Branchville New Jersey” serial numbers 1-6 and six notes from the “First National Bank of Brandon Vermont. Anyone having information on this offense should contact Det. Max Subin Beverly Hills PD 310-285-2158, Kevin Lipton at 310-712-8118 or Doug Davis NCIC.

Superior Experiences $300,000 Theft

Superior Galleries has experienced a $300,000 theft from its Beverly Hills, California location. Kris Oyster, Numismatic Director for Superior, advised the coins were mostly slabbed and included the ; 1793 Flowing Hair 1C Wreath, Vine & Bars, 1909 S Indian Head Cent ANACS MS64 Rd, 1955 Jefferson 5C PCGS MS65 FS, 1798 Bust 10C Large 8 NGC MS65, 1822 Bust 25C, 25 over 50C NGC MS63, 1795 Bust $1 NGC MS61, 1879CC Morgan $1 CC over CC PCGS MS62, 1902-S Morgan $1 ANACS MS63 DMPL, 1878-S $2.50 NGC MS63, 1814/3 $5 Capped Head NGC MS64, 1909-S $5 Indian NGC MS65, 1803 $10 Bust Small reverse Stars PCGS MS62, 1881-S $10 Liberty NGC MS63, 1865 $20 Liberty ANACS Details of AU55, 1901-S $20 Liberty NGC MS63, Great Britain 1984 5 Pounds, United Arab Emirates 1996 1000 Dirhams.

Any collector or dealer having information concerning this offense should contact Det. Lisa Lawson at 818-374-7775, Kris Oyster 214-952-7517, or Doug Davis 817-705-4450.

Alamo Coins Richardson, Texas Burglarized

Richardson, Texas police are investigating the burglary of Alamo Coins. Sometime between the afternoon of July 6 and early morning of July 7, 2008 unkown suspects entered the business and peeled two large safes containing approximately $50,000 in miscellaneous coins and bullion. Anyone with information on this offense should contact Det. Spradlin at 972-744-4906 or NCIC.

Texas Coin Shop Burglarized

Benbrook, Texas police department is investigating the burglary of Ron Swinney Rare Coins.The offense occurred sometime between the evening of May 18th and early morning of May 19th, 2008. Unknown suspect or suspects entered the business through the roof and cut into the vault. Approximately $200,000 in coins, bullion, and jewelry was taken.The loss included slabbed gold and numerous Carson City silver dollars. Any one having any information should contact Det. Ross at 817-249-2752 , Ron Swinney at 817-244-9100 or NCIC.

Central Maine National Bank notes and obsoletes taken in burglary

Pittston, Maine - Nov 26, 2007

A Pittston, Maine collector’s house was burglarized and a large paper money collection was taken along with a partial set of morgan dollars and a high grade type set. The suspects entered the residence and removed a safe containing the valuables. One suspect has been identified.

Anyone being offered a large number of Central Maine National Bank notes and obsoletes should contact Cpl. Mike Durham with the Kennebec County Sheriff’s Department at 207-623-3614 or NCIC at 817-705-4450.

Texas dealer victim of vehicle burglary

Defuniak, FL – October 22, 2007

A Texas dealer returning home from the Lakeland, Florida coin show was the victim of a vehicle burglary. The suspect or suspects entered the dealers vehicle while parked in the parking lot of a local hotel and took approximately $40-50,000 in coins, rare stocks and bonds. There was no forced entry to the vehicle and it is believed the suspects bypassed the alarm system.

Included in the loss was a short set of walking liberty half dollars graded MS 64, 65 & 66 by PCGS, and NGC, proof walkers dated 1937,38, 39, 40, 41 in PCGS and NGC slabs and a 2002 B.E.P. 11/2 ounce 1933 Commem gold in plastic case with pictures of FDR and Teddy Roosevelt.

Persons with any information concerning this offense should contact Jeff Nolen at 214 384-9111 or Deputy Russell McMillan at the Walton County Sheriff’s Dept. 850-892-8186.