NCIC Report Bulletin

Central Maine National Bank notes and obsoletes taken in burglary

Pittston, Maine - Nov 26, 2007

A Pittston, Maine collector’s house was burglarized and a large paper money collection was taken along with a partial set of morgan dollars and a high grade type set. The suspects entered the residence and removed a safe containing the valuables. One suspect has been identified.

Anyone being offered a large number of Central Maine National Bank notes and obsoletes should contact Cpl. Mike Durham with the Kennebec County Sheriff’s Department at 207-623-3614 or NCIC at 817-705-4450.

Texas dealer victim of vehicle burglary

Defuniak, FL – October 22, 2007

A Texas dealer returning home from the Lakeland, Florida coin show was the victim of a vehicle burglary. The suspect or suspects entered the dealers vehicle while parked in the parking lot of a local hotel and took approximately $40-50,000 in coins, rare stocks and bonds. There was no forced entry to the vehicle and it is believed the suspects bypassed the alarm system.

Included in the loss was a short set of walking liberty half dollars graded MS 64, 65 & 66 by PCGS, and NGC, proof walkers dated 1937,38, 39, 40, 41 in PCGS and NGC slabs and a 2002 B.E.P. 11/2 ounce 1933 Commem gold in plastic case with pictures of FDR and Teddy Roosevelt.

Persons with any information concerning this offense should contact Jeff Nolen at 214 384-9111 or Deputy Russell McMillan at the Walton County Sheriff’s Dept. 850-892-8186.