NCIC Report Bulletin

Stolen- US Gold, Roman and Byzantine Coins in Los Angeles, CA Burglary

Los Angeles Detectives are investigating a residential burglary that resulted in the loss of the following US gold, Roman and Byzantine coins.

1843-O small date AU 53 ANACS $2-1/2 dollar,
1853-O ANACS AU $1.00 dollar,
1861 PCGS AU 58 $5.00 dollar,
1880-S MS61 NGC $5.00 dollar,
1881 MS 61 NGC $10.00 dollar,
1882-S MS 62 PCGS $5.00 dollar,
1885 unc. $5.00 dollar,
1887-S MS61 NGC $5.00 dollar,
1888 MS 61 PCGS $20.00 dollar,
1888-O AU 58 NGC $10.00 dollar,
1889-S MS 62 NGC $10.00 dollar,
1891-CC AU 55 PCGS $5.00 dollar,
1892-O MS 61 NGC $10.00 dollar,
1893 MS 62 NGC $10.00 dollar,
1894-S MS 62 PCGS $20.00 dollar,
1895 MS 61 PCGS $5.00 dollar,
1897-S MS 62 PCGS $20.00 dollar,
1899 MS 61 NGC $5.00 dollar,
1900 MS 62 NGC $20.00 dollar,
1901-O MS 61 PCGS $10.00 dollar ,
1903-O MS 62 PCGS $10.00 dollar,
1904-S MS 62 PCGS $20.00 dollar,
1906-S MS 62 PCGS $5.00 dollar,
1906-O MS 61 PCGS $10.00 dollar,
1906-D MS 63 NGC $10.00 dollar,
1906-S MS 62 PCGS $20.00 dollar,
1907 MS 62 PCGS $10 dollar,
1908 no motto MS 64 NGC $20.00 dollar,
1909-S MS 63 PCGS $20.00 dollar,
1910-S MS 62 NGC $20.00 dollar,
1911-D MS 64 NGC $20.00 dollar,
1912 MS 63 NGC $10.00 dollar,
1913 MS 62 PCGS $20.00 dollar,
1914-S PCGS 64 PCGS $20.00 dollar,
1915-S NGC 64 NGC $20.00 dollar,
1916-S MS 63 PCGS $20.00 dollar,
1920 MS 62 PCGS $20.00 dollar,
1920 MS 63 PCGS $20.00 dollar,
1922 MS 63 PCGS $20.00 dollar,
1923 NGC 62 NGC $20.00 dollar,
1924 MS 62 NGC $20.00 dollar,
1925 NGC 62 ANA $20.00 dollar,
1926 MS 63 PCGS $10.00 dollar,
1927 MS 61 ANACS $2-1/2 dollar,
1927 MS 61 ANACS $20.00 dollar,
1928 PCGS 62 PCGS $2-1/2 dollar,
1928 PCGS MS 64 PCGS $20.00 dollar,
1929 MS 62 NGC $2-1/2 dollar,
1932 MS 63 PCGS $10.00 dollar, Many slabbed Mercury Dimes, Maximianus gold aureus RIC 609,
Valentinian II gold solidus,
Gordianus II den,
Laelianus ant
Leo I gold solidus,
Zeno gold solidus,
Aelia Pulcheria gold Tremises,
Constantius II gold solidus,
Augustus AR Tetradrahm,
Anastasius, gold solidus,
Caracalla, AR Tetradrachm (CNG Web Id.8524) Prieur 1143,
Allectus antoninianus RIC 94,
Gratian gold solidus RIC 176.2,
Claudius Albinus den,
Paulina den.,
Flavius Victor RIC 84d argentus,
Vespasian AR den (RIC-15),
Geta (Item F121),
Valentinian I gold solidus,
Commodus Tetradrahm (Alexandria, Egypt), Domitian AR Cistophorus,
Claudius Agrippa Sr.,
Nero & Poppaea AR Tetradrahm of Alexandria, Julius Caesar AR den,
Lucius Verus AR den,
Trajan AR den RIC96, Nerva AE AS RIC 51, Theodosius I, gold solidus,
Nero AR den,
Constanius Chlorus AR argentius RIC 3, Pertinax, AR den, 3.42 gm (Harlan Berk, Sale 125, Lot 415),
Gordian I Africanus AR de, Valerian I AE 27 Levante 513,
Macrianus Bill. Tetradrahm,
Drusus As RIC 45,
Hadrian As RIC 779,
Marcus Aurelius AR den RSC 878,
Marcus Aurelius AR den RSC 37
Domitian AR den RSC 280,
Trajan AE dupondius RIC 429,
Domitius Domitianus, AE Follis SR.3598,
Commodus, as Caesar, AR den,
Herrenius Etruscus AR. Ant.,
Trebonius Gallus, AR ant.,
Honorius, gold solidus (CNG Inv. No. 727157),
Diocletian AR argentus,
Theodosius II gold solidus,
MarcAnthony AR den (Augustus on reverse),
Claudius AE As,
Maximus as Caesar, AR den. RIC IV 3,
Constantine III, AR siliqua (CNG Inv No. 182491),
Aelia Eudocia, gold tremissis ( CNG Triton VI, Lot 1148),
Basiliscus, gold tremissis (CNG Triton VI, Lot 1181),
Julian of Pannonia, AE ant. (Triton VIII, Lot. 1195),
Vespasian, AR den 3.36 gm (Harlan Berk Sale 139, lot 263),
Trajan, AE19 Thrace, Deultum, 2.56 gm (Harlan Berk Sale 139, Lot 478),
Septimus Severus, AR, Syria, Tetradrachm,
Galerius, as Caesar, AR argentius,
Octacilia Severa, AR Tetradrahm,
Valentinian III gold solidus,
Pescennius Niger, AR den (Antioch) (Harland Berk Sale 129, Lot 220) ,
Marcian, gold solidus (CNG Inv. No. 733259),
Eugenius, AR siliqua RSC 14tb,
Marcian gold solidus,
Constantius I, AR argentius,
Septimus Severus, AR Tetradrahm,
Augustus, AR Tetradrahm (RPC-2203),
Nero Claudius Drusus, AE Sestertius,
Julia Titi, AR den RSC-14,
Divus Nigrinian, 3.61 gm, Rome mint (CNG 69, Lot No. 1701),
Caracalla, AR Tetradrachm, Prieur 1143 (CNG Lot No. 736877),
Vespasian, AR den, Ephesus mint (CNG Sale 67, Lot 1364),
Jovinus, AR siliqua, 1.22 gm (CNG Sale 67, Lot 1813),
Valens, gold solidus,
Leo II, gold solidus,
Nero, AR Tetradrachm, Antioch, (Harlan Berk Sale 131, Lot 510),
Agrippina, AE Sestertius,
Trajan, AR den (CNG Inv. No. 752201),
Caligula AE As, RIC 38,
Didius Julianus, AE Sestertius (CNG Triton VII, Lot 993),
Commodus, AE Caria, Stratoniceia, AE 25mm (CNG Inv. Lot 153749),
Trajan AR Tetradrahm,
Arcadius, gold solidus (RIC46a),
Diadumenian, AR den (RIC 102),
Balbinus, AR den. (RIC 5),
Marc Anthony AR den (Legion IV),
Julius Nepos AV tremmisus,
Didia Clara AR den, BYZANTINE EMPIRE, Justin I, gold solidus, Berk 37, 4.51 gm,
Justin I, gold Tremissis, Sear 145, 1.52 gm,
Justinian I, gold solidus, Sear 137,
Justin II, gold solidus, Sear 345,
Tiberius II, gold solidus, Sear 422
Maurice Tiberius, gold solidus, Sear 524,
Maurice Tiberius, gold solidus, Sear 524,
Phocus, gold solidus, Sear 1618,
Phocus, gold solidus, Sear 620,
Heraclius, gold solidus, Sear 769,
Heraclius, AR ½ siliqua, Carthage mint, Sear 871,
Constans II, gold solidus, Sear 964,
Constans II, gold solidus, Sear 964,
Constans II gold tremissis, Sear 984, 1.44 gm,
Constans II, AR Hexagram, Sear 991,
Constans II, gold solidus, Carthage Mint, Sear 1040,
Constantine IV, gold solidus, Sear 1154,
Justinian II, 1st Reign, gold solidus, Sear 1246,
Tiberius III, gold solidus, Sear 1360,
Leo IV with Constantine VI, AR Miliaresion, Sear 1585,
Michael I, Rhangabe AE Follis (Syracuse Mint), 3.15 gm,
Leo V and Constantine, AR Miliaresion, Sear 1628
Theophilus, gold solidus, Sear 1653, 4.48 gm,
Theophilus, gold tremissis, Sear 1678,
Michael III, AR Miliaresion, Sear 1692,
Basil I and Constantine, gold solidus, Sear 1704,
Basil I, AR Miliaresion, Sear 1708,
Constantine VII and Romanus II, gold solidus, Sear 1751,
Constantine VII and Zoe, AE Follis, Sear 1758,
Constantine VIII, gold Histamenon Nomisma, Sear 1815, 4.40 gm,
Necephorus II, Phocus, AR Miliaresion, Sear 1781,
John I, Tzimices, gold Histamenon Nomisma, Sear 1786,
John I, AR Miliaresion, Sear 1792,
Basil II, gold Histamenon Nomisma, Sear 1800, 4.36 gm,
Constantine VIII, gold Histamenon Nomisma, Sear 1815,
Constantine VIII, gold Histamenon Nomisma, Sear 1815, 4.40 gm,
Romanus III, AR Empire Miliaresion, Sear 1822,
Romanus III, gold solidus, Sear 1819,
Constantine IX, gold Histamenon Nomisma, Sear 1830,
Constantine IX, gold Histamenon Nomisma, Sear 1829,
Constantine IX, AR Miliaresion, Sear 1834,
Andronicus III, Palaeologus AE Trachy, 0.97 gm,
Isaac I, gold Histamenon Nomisma, Sear 1843,
Andronicus I, gold Hyperpyron, Berk 355, 4.23 gm,
Isaac, AR Trachy, usurper in Cyprus, Sear 1992,
Isaac II, gold Hyperpyron, Sear 2001, 4.32 gm,
Isaac II, AR Trachy, 2.98 gm,
Alexius III, gold Hyperpyron, Sear 2008, 4.24 gm,
Theodore I, Empire of Nicaea AR Trachy, Sear 2064,
Theodore I, Empire of Nicaea, AR Trachy, Sear 2064,

Anyone with information should contact: Doug Davis 817-723-7231 or

Burglary Stolen Currency Los Angeles, CA

The following is a partial list of currency that was stolen from a residence in Los Angeles, CA.

FR552 $20 Date Back S/NM798314 Pittsburg, PA ,The Duquenes NB PMG Unc62, FR1613W 1935D $1 Error Inverted overprint A67552352 PCGS VF25, FR1911-E 1981 $1 E99844798B PCGS VF25, FR1984-E 1995 $5 Error Underinked green overprint Plate #H63/63 PCGS 66PPQ, FR1922D 1995 $1 Error D37295664E Overprint on back PCGS XF45PPQ, FR2072-E $20 1977 Error Full back to face offset PCGS AU58PPQ, FR299 1891 $10 Silver Cert E7994503 PCGS F15, FR248 1896 $2 SN17315713 PCGS VF20, FR60 1917 $2 D70258467A PCGS CH63, FR1173 1922 $10 Gold Cert. H86551534 PCGS XF40PPQ, FR227 1891 $1 E11855549 PCGS XF 40 PPQ, FR545 1882 $10 Charter #2395 The Bennington County NB SN2807F PCGSF15, FR738 1818 $1 Kansas City, MS J13322247A PCGS 63PQ, FR537 1882 DB $5 Charter #2524The Germain NB, Cincinnati,OH #2694G PCGS VF25, FR282 $5 1923 A40830385B PCGS AU58, FR121 1901 Mule Bison E27668767 PCGS Gem 66, FR477 1882 BB $5 Charter #5805 The Bankers NB, Cleveland,OH #7626A, PCGSVF25,

Also stolen was a large number of other error notes, nationals and celebrity autograph notes including a $50 note autographed by “The Fridge”.

Anyone with information should contact:

Doug Davis 817-723-7231

The Numismatic Crime Information Center is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation. P.O. Box 14080 Arlington, Texas 76094.

Rare Greenland Note Stolen

A rare Greenland note has been reported stolen by Henrik Christensen.

Greenland 50 Kroner 1945 Paper look: Lilac Clipper ship at center. Litac underprint of diagonal lines, white border. Serial # 0095589 Signature: Eske Brun - Ole Pedersen Pick no: 17A Value: $ 6,000.00

Anyone with information should contact:

Doug Davis 817-723-7231

The Numismatic Crime Information Center is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation. P.O. Box 14080 Arlington, Texas 76094.

Currency Collection Stolen-West Palm Beach Florida

On Friday evening June 10,2016 John Aiello (Educational Coin Co.) was the victim of a vehicle burglary that occurred in West Palm Beach, FL. The suspects driving a silver 2015 Honda with paper tags smashed a window of his vehicle and removed a currency collection located in the trunk.

The collection included many of the 19th century US issues, obsolete banknotes from most States, fractional currency and Civil War Confederate currency. There was a large amount of Florida and State of Florida Obseletes, along with NJ,GA, and Louisiana.

Anyone with information should contact:

Doug Davis 817-723-7231

The Numismatic Crime Information Center is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation. P.O. Box 14080 Arlington, Texas 76094.

Rare Foreign Coin Stolen at Recent Jacksonville Coin Show

A rare 1704-HCH Brunswick Wolfenbuttel Gold 10 Ducat Portugaloser D-2122 in gold 34.77 PCGS serial #546167.98/28547042(AU details) was stolen from a showcase at the recent Jacksonville, Florida Coin Show.

Anyone with information should contact: Doug Davis 817-723-7231 or

Dealer Targeted After Show-Wooster,Ohio

On May 1, 2016 a dealer attending the Wooster, Ohio Coin Club show was the victim of a vehicle burglary. The offense occurred in the parking lot while loading up at the conclusion of the show. The victim may have been targeted by a group of 4 women and 2 males described as Hispanic or Columbian nationality who had been acting suspicious during the show.

Partial list of stolen coins: 1975 1oz Kruggerrand, 6-1915 1 Ducat unc, 1915 100 Korona unc, 1915 4 Ducat unc, 1 1908 Hungary Korona unc, 1 1906 Mex 10 Peso gold unc, 1 1959 Mex 10 Peso gold unc, 2 1907S US $20 gold unc, 17 1986-2008 gold 1 oz Eagles NGC/PCGS MS69, 10 1986-2008 ½ oz Eagles unc, 15 1997 $5 gold eagles unc, 9 US $10 Olympic gold proofs, 5 1987US $5 Const gold unc, 41994 US $5 World Cup Gold,

Anyone with information should contact: Lt. Bolek Wooster Police Department 330-287-5700 or Doug Davis

The Numismatic Crime Information Center is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation. P.O. Box 14080 Arlington, Texas 76094.

Dealers Lose Inventory After Tukwila, WA Coin Show

On Sunday April 24, 2016 two Idaho dealers on their way home from the Tukwila, WA coin show were victims of a vehicle burglary when they stopped approximately 30 mins after leaving the show. The suspects used an unknown type of instrument to open the driver’s door giving them access to three plastic totes and a large wooden briefcase containing over $100,000 in coins and cash. Two vehicles were used during the offense which were described as a new Chevrolet Equinox with California plates and possibly a older Subaru with Washington plates. The only description of the suspects was that one was a white male. Partial Listing of stolen coins:

Large amount of coins from half cents to silver dollars in 2x2’s written in blue ink and 1 1/2x 1 1/2’s in green or blue. 1840 Seated dollar toned xf/au, MS 63 1857 Flying Eagle, 1907 xf/au gold Indian, Group of 1930’s Lincolns MS 67-68, Box of Slabbed Dollars

Anyone with information contact:

Doug Davis 817-723-7231 Doug@numismatic

Counterfeit Suspect Flees Scene

A white male suspect entered a pawn shop in Fort Smith Arkansas and attempted to sell several counterfeit gold coins in NGC holders. When the employee and a visiting coin dealer advised the suspect that the coins were counterfeit he fled the store. The suspect jumped into a Honda Ridgeline with Oklahoma plates and fled the parking lot striking another vehicle.

The suspect used a fake Delaware drivers license in the name of James C. Gordon.

Scam-Nevada Caller

Several dealers have contacted the Numismatic Crime Information Center regarding a possible phone scam.

The suspect has used two different names Richard Iden and Richard Otten along with two different phone numbers 702-954-1857 and 702-986-3164. The location of the call is from Nevada.

The suspect states that he has a large number of Carson City dollars (135) belonging to his great-great grand father who had worked at the mint and that his mother had sold some coins to the dealer in the past and she wanted to be sure that he sells the remainder to him when it was time. The suspect wants money sent up front or needs money to help with the shipping.

The story is basically the same but some details may be different in each call.

Anyone with information should contact:

Doug Davis 817-723-7231

The Numismatic Crime Information Center is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation. P.O. Box 14080 Arlington, Texas 76094.

Stolen 19th Century Political/Campaign Collection-Partial Recovery

The Numismatic Crime Information Center is working closely with Detectives from the Louisville,KY police department and the victim regarding the recent theft of the finest 19th Century Political/Campaign medal and badges collection valued at over $500,000. The on-going investigation has resulted in the recovery of 18 pieces from the stolen collection. The recovered items were sold to a Bethlehem,PA coin shop and were in the possession of an individual identified as a Jack Goldberg. There is reason to believe that Jack Goldberg has in his possession or has immediate access to a substantial number of items from the stolen collection.

Jack Goldberg is 70 years old and a resident of Allentown, PA. Goldberg may also have a South Florida residence possibly in Boca Raton, FL or vicinity.

Anyone with information on this offense or knows subject Goldberg please contact:Doug Davis 817-723-7231Doug@numismaticcrimes.orgThe Numismatic Crime Information Center is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation. P.O. Box 14080 Arlington, Texas 76094.