NCIC Report Bulletin

Burglaries Coin/Jewelry Shops Chicago Metropolitan Area

The Numismatic Crime Information Center is assisting the Gurnee, IL Police Department in a major burglary ring investigation. The suspects have been involved in dozens of coin and jewelry store burglaries during the past several years in and around the Chicago Metropolitan area.

Investigators are looking for additional offenses where the suspects gained entry from the roof and broke into safes. The suspects may have committed burglaries within a hour to an hour and a half distance from the Chicago Metropolitan area.


Anyone with information should contact:

Doug Davis 817-723-7231

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Send to: Numismatic Crime Information Center P.O. Box 14080, Arlington, Texas 76094 Fax to: Pantego Police Dept. 817-861-8670

If you have any questions call 817-723-7231 or email or visit (PRINT PAGE)

Vehicle Burglary- Dealer Inventory Stolen Woodland, Washington

On Sunday October 6, 2013 Dealers Judy Cash and Jim Lee of Capital Coins in Olympia, Washington were victims of a vehicle burglary after leaving the Portland coin show and stopping in Woodland, Washington.

The suspects jimmied the lock of their van and removed brief cases containing over $50,000 in gold, slabs and raw coins.

A white sedan and pearl grey van are possible suspect vehicles. The sedan was driven by a white female and the van was occupied by a white male.

Anyone with information should contact:

Doug Davis 817-723-7231

Stolen/Lost FedEx Package Containing "Obsolete Notes"

A package being shipped from Tennessee to Oakland California has been either lost or stolen. The package showed to have been received in Oakland but was never delivered to the recipient.

The package contained the following notes:

$5 Bank of W. Florida Appalachicola #145, $5 State of Florida St. John’s Jacksonville #4951, $10 State of Florida Bank of St. John’s #193, $100 State of Florida Tallahassee #1069, $1 Southern Bank of Georgia Bainbridge #1053, $2 Merchants Planters Bank State of Georgia #993, $10 Savannah, Georgia Merchants and Planters Bank #518close, $1 Georgia Bank of Morgan #1280, $2 Georgia Bank of Morgan #25112, $5 Georgia Bank of Morgan #335, $10 Georgia Bank of Morgan #255, $100 Bank of State of Georgia Savannah #730, $20 Mississippi & Alabama Real Estate Banking Co. #2221, $3 Bank of Washington North Carolina #2845, $4 Bank of Washington North Carolina #67, $5 Bank of Washington North Carolina , $20 State of North Carolina Raleigh #2787, $3 Omaha City Western Exchange #717, $5nsn Bank of Nashville TN, $5nsn Bank of America TN, $10nsn Dandridge Bank TN, $10 Lawrenceburg Bank TN, $20 Dobson North Carolina #306,

Any dealer or collector with information should contact:

Doug Davis 817-723-7231

Banknotes and Coins Stolen from Dealers Hotel Room During ANA

Rosemont, IL police are investigating the theft of over $400,000 in banknotes and coins taken from a dealer attending the ANA and staying at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Rosemont. The dealer reported that some person or persons removed a safe containing the banknotes and coins from his hotel room.


Banknotes from Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, China, Brazil and several American bank note proofs. Coins from Argentina, Venezuela, Spain, Poland, Italy and Eritrea.

Rare Argentina: Rio de la Plata 8 Reales 1813J PTS Provincias {Error Prorvincias) See attachment…

Royal order from Cuba which is the order of Finlay a big breast star badge in silver and enamel Order of Egypt a big breast star in silver and enamel

Anyone with information should contact:

Doug Davis 817-723-7231

rosemont theft.jpg22.66 KB

Burglary Coins&Currency Southold, New York

Southold, New York Detectives are investigating a residential burglary which resulted in the loss of over $125,000 in coins and currency.

The following is a partial list of stolen items: 1923 $10 Poker Chip Note Serial # A503812B (CGA67), 1928 $1,000 Note Serial # H0018199A (CGA67), 5 bags of silver coins, Mercury dimes, Roosevelt dimes, Washington quarters, Walker half-dollars, Franklin half-dollars, 5 packs of $1 silver certificates (1957 A-B) <$100 per pack>, 1 pack of $1 silver certificates (1935 H) <$100 total>,

Doug Davis 817-723-7231

Coin Shop Robbery Hammond, Indiana

Police are investigating a robbery that occurred at J&J Coins and Jewelry in Hammond, Indiana. The suspect is a black male 5’10-5’11, mid 40’s 200lbs wearing jeans a UPS cap and jacket. The suspect took a large amount of coins and jewelry.

Partial listing of stolen items:

50 Graded Gold Eagles, 200 Graded coins (various denominations), 200-300 Peace and Morgan dollars, Numerous trays of key coins in 2x2’s.

Anyone with information should contact ;

Doug Davis 817-723-7231

New Jersey Dealers's Vehicle Burglarized

A Middlesex, New Jersey coin dealer’s vehicle was burglarized and a briefcase containing over $15,000 in gold coins, silver bullion and diamonds was taken. Witnesses observed several Spanish males smash the rear window of the victim’s vehicle and then escape in a green car.

Missing items include;

1808 $5 Half Eagle NGC AU58 578072-001, 1853 2 1/2 Quarter Eagle raw, 1944 Gold 100 Lire Vatican coin (only 1000 minted), 50 ounces mixed silver eagles raw and certified, 10 oz NTR silver bar, 20 oz silver generic bars (Morgan imprint).

Anyone with information should contact: Doug Davis 817-723-7231 or

Stolen/Lost Package

SG Rare coins,Inc is reporting a priority mail package containing the following items has been lost/stolen for over 30 days.

1 1923-d $20 gold pcgs genuine cleaning-unc details # 25039541,

1 1908 no motto $20 ngc unc details improperly cleaned # 3660823-011,

1 1924 $20 ngc unc details improperly cleaned # 3660844-022,

1 1927 $20 ngc unc details improperly cleaned # 3390573-012,

1 1914-s $20 ngc au details improperly cleaned # 3660844-019.

The package left Hawthorne , NJ on 3-20-13 and was last tracked on 3-21-13 leaving the Kearny, sort facility. The Post Office has tried to determine the whereabouts of the package from the sort facility and the destination Post Office but to no avail. It is presumed the package has been stolen.

Anyone with information should contact

Doug Davis 817-723-7231

Major Burglary Coin Shop Gurnee, Illinois

Gurnee, Illinois police investigators are investigating the night time burglary of Harbor Coin. The suspects broke into the building cut open the safe and removed cash, silver, gold and rare coins.

The following is a list of items stolen:

1350 1ozt American Silver Eagles, 350 1ozt Silver Canadian Maples,
250 1ozt Silver Canadian Wildlife Moose and Bison,
25 1ozt Silver Canadian Wildlife Wolf,
40 10ozt Silver Bars,
320 1ozt Generic Silver Bullion Rounds-Private Mint,
40 1ozt Englehard Silver Rounds,
5 1ozt Gold American Eagles,
3 1ozt Gold Canadian Maples,
1 1ozt Gold South African Krugerand,
165 DWT 14k Gold Jewelry Scrap,
150 DWT 10k Gold Jewelry Scrap,
25 DWT 16k Dental Gold Scrap,
400+ Modern Silver Commemoratives Dated 1986-2010,
1799 F15 PCGS Bust $ Serial #20663071,
1799/8 F15 PCGS Bust,
$600 Face Value 90% US Half Dollar Coins,
$280 Face Value 90% US Quarters,
3 1885CC GSA Silver Dollars,
4 1884CC GSA Silver Dollars,
22 NGC PF 69 Black Retro Holder 2012 2 Pc. Silver Eagle Sets,
13 PCGS PF70 First Strike 2012 2pc Silver Eagle Sets,
22 NGC PF70 Early Release 2012 2pc Silver Eagle Sets,
33 NGC PF70 2012 2 pc Silver Eagle Sets,
2 2001 Buffalo 2 pc Commemorative Sets,
1 2001 BU Buffalo Commemorative,
1 1883CC NGC Banded MS64 GSA Silver,
1 1883CC NGC Banded MS65 GSA Silver,
1 1884CC NGC Banded MS64 GSA Silver,
1 1884CC NGC Banded MS63 GSA Silver.

Anyone with information should contact: Doug Davis 817-723-7231 or