NCIC Report Bulletin

Burglary Mid-American Rare Coin Gallery

In the early morning hours of September 17, 2012 unknown person or persons burglarized the offices of Mid-American Rare Coin Gallery, Inc. A quantity of United States gold coins and currency was stolen.

Below is a partial list of what was stolen:
60-70 United States gold coins in black Coin World snap lock holders
Includes gold dollars, quarter eagles, half eagles, eagles, and double
(2) 500$ small bills
Assorted United States currency -
Small size and large size

Assorted Smithsonian Restrike private issue gold coins- NGC holders
5 oz gold Union (very rare, with mintage of less than 500) 
1 oz gold Union
1 oz gold Longacre Double eagle
2 oz gold Port Philips Kangaroo 
¼ oz Platinum Confederate restrike
1 oz Silver Union
1 oz medal for opening of Smithsonian exhibit
1 oz silver eagle PCGS souvenir
Misc gold coins 
NGC holders

A $5,000 reward is being offered for recovery of the stolen items and
information leading to the arrest and conviction of parties responsible.

Anyone being offered these or similar coins should call:
Jeff Garrett
Doug Davis

Coin Shop Robbery Sunnyvale, California

The Sunnyvale, CA police department is investigating the robbery of Mac’s Coins and Collectables. The two suspects young in age were masked and one was described as being “big” and over 6’ tall. A hispanic female may have also been involved in the offense.

Below is a partial listing of stolen coins:

1797 Silver dollar in ANACS holder, 1893s dollar NGC holder #3421905-009, 1894 dollar NGC holder AU, 1955 cent double die NGC #33421905-004, 1885cc dollar NGC 33421905-011, 1878cc dollar #3421906-006, 1884cc dollar NGC #3421906-007, 1937D Buffalo nickel NGC XF, Forty slabbed NGC/PCGS dollars, Complete set Washington quarters in Dansco album, Complete Barber 25 cent set in Dansco album, complete set Morgan dollars Good-BU, 480 packaged coins in 2x2’s.

Anyone having information on this offense should contact:

Doug Davis 817-723-7231

Major Burglary Town of Palm Beach, Florida

Detectives in the Town of Palm Beach, Florida are investigating a major burglary which netted the thieves a large amount of coins and bullion.

Partial listing of coins and bullion:

Cook Island Meteorite series coins, Mongolian coins with embedded crystals, Cook Island Meterorite series silver coins with embedded meteorites, One ounce silver Japan perfecture coins, High Relief silver Austrailian one ounce silver coins, Brittania silver one ounce coins, China Unicorn proof one ounce coins

China Kuan Yin one ounce - holding jade, gold lotus, jade vase, lotus seated, holding mirror,fan, coins certified.

Austrian Bi-metal coins - titanium, tyrol, television, satelite, aviation, astronomy, energy and bionics

66 U.S. modern silver proof commemoratives, U.S. gold commems - Jefferson spouse, Buchanan, Van Buren, Olympic $5, Medal of Honor $5 U.S. silver eagles, Pandas, Kangaroos, Koalas, Kazakhstan Space series, Military leaders, old stamps, old chisels, Zambia Silver Elephant series, Year of Dragon 9 coin coloured set

Any collector or dealer having any information on this offense should contact:

Det. Guelli 561-596-1269 or Doug Davis 817-723-7231

Major Burglary Sevierville, Tennessee

The Sevierville, Tn Police Department is investigating a major burglary resulting in the loss of over $200,000 in coins and currency from a dealer whose business was located inside Flea Traders Paradise.

The following is a partial list of stolen banknotes and coins; Large amount of high grade large type notes (slabbed and raw), Large amount of large ype Nationals from the South, Large Type Nationals from Tennesse and Knoxville area, 6- $1000 bills, 9- $500 bills, Group of 25 1928 $20 bills consecutive serial numbers with red band original wrapper, 1916 Standing Lib quarter VF NGC, 1928 Peace Dollar MS65 ANACS, 1875 Twenty Cent piece MS65 NGC, Almost complete slabbed Walking Liberty set.

The victim is currently working on a more detailed list of stolen coins and banknotes.

Any dealer or collector who has any information on this offense should contact: Det. Ray Brown 865-453-5506 or Doug Davis 817-723-7231

Stolen/Lost Coins in Puerto Rico

The following coins have been stolen/lost in Puerto Rico. 1977 Laton Cuba 100P KM-TS5 Brass Carlos Manuel De Cespedes PF65 EMO Collection NGC #2773357-004, 1977 Laton Cuba 20P KM-TS2 Brass Maximo Gomez PF64 EMO Collection NGC#2773357-003, 1977 Laton Cuba 20P KM-TS3 Brass Ignacio Aramonte PF65 EMO Collection NGC#2773357-002, 1977 Laton Cuba 20P KM-TS1 VAR. Gilt Brass Antonio Maceo PF63 Cameo EMO Collection NGC#2773357-001.

Any Collector or Dealer with information should contact;

Doug Davis 817-723-7231

FBI Requests Assistance

The FBI is seeking information about an individual attempting to sell customer data from a coin and bullion company. The individual hacked into a coin and bullion company, stealing thousands of customer orders and customer information. If you are or were contacted by an individual trying to sell similar data, please contact me immediately:

Scott Kibbey, Special Agent Federal Bureau of Investigation

Suspect Wanted in Gold Theft

A warrant has been issued by the Jefferson County, Texas Sheriff’s Department for Bryson Miguel Cendejas W/M 12/19/1985 on a charge of Felony Theft.

Investigators believe Cendejas stole gold and platinum coins from an elderly female valued between $100,000 and $200,000. Cendejas owner of Golden Triangle Associates in Nederland, Texas was contacted by the victim who wanted to sell her collection which consisted of 160 gold and 50 platinum coins. The victim shipped the coins and once received by Cendejas he advised her she had a one million dollar collection.

In the months following she received only $16,000 for the sale of 18 coins. The victim demanded the return of her coins but none were shipped and Cendejas quit all communications.

The suspect lived in Groves, Texas and may have relatives or ties in Oregon.

Anyone having information on the suspect or his where abouts should contact:

Deputy Carroll Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department 409-835-8734 or Doug Davis Founder/President 817-723-7231

CendejasBryson 121985.jpg36.71 KB

Stolen Coins Hendersonville, NC

Detectives with the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office in Hendersonville, NC are investigating a theft involving gold and silver coins.

The following coins have been reported stolen; 10- MS63 $20 St. Gaudens 17- MS64 $20 St. Gaudens 1- MS64 $20 Lib Gold was slabbed/encased in permanent hard plastic case with “Swiss America” stickers on them. 2- MS66 1880S Morgan 220- MS 1921D Morgans

Suspects have been identified as Mona Prince, WF, 6/18/1968, Phyllis Smith AKA Phyllis Nordurft WF, DOB 4/30/1958 and Ruben Caballero AKA Paul Clark, WM/,DOB 12/16/1959.

Anyone having information on this offense should contact; Det. Amber Burgess-Cox 828-694-2757 or Doug Davis 817-723-7231

Copper Collection Stolen Florida

Miami Dade Florida police are investigating the loss of a large copper collection and other U.S. coins. The victim stopped after leaving a local coin show and an unknown person or persons broke into his vehicle and removed a vintage briefcase housing the coins. The suspect vehicle is described as a red Ford F150 pickup.

Below is a partial listing of coins stolen:

1803 large cent Accugrade 40, s256 1803 Large cent Anacs 20, s251 1803 Large cent XF40 smooth collection of approx 150 mid-late date large cents all relatively problem free, many in kraft envelopes with cotton liners grading F-XF. Housed in brown coin box and world coin library folder labeled “coins” were approx 80-100 coins including: 1849 half cent, 1850 tan Large cent AU,1804 half cent fine, various key Lincolns and Indians vg-vf and unc Mex 8R coins.

Anyone having information on this offense should contact:

Det.Kostopouas 305-376-4311 or Doug Davis 817-723-7231

Dealer Victim of Theft after Charlottesville Coin Show

A dealer returning home from a Charlottesville coin show on April 14, 2012 was the victim of a theft that resulted in the loss of his entire inventory.

The dealer who resides in Anandale, VA pulled into his driveway and prepared to unload. The dealer accompanied by his wife and another relative went inside their residence for less than five minutes. While inside an unknown person or persons entered his vehicle and removed several cases containing coins and a large amount of paper money.

A large group of Virginia Nationals was taken and included towns of Warrington, Marshall, Fredricksburg, Winchester, Hot Springs, Fairfax and Charlottesville. Individual boxes of silver dollars, Indians & half cents, large cents and an almost complete set of commemoratives.

The dealer may have been targeted at the show and followed home.

Anyone with information should contact:

Doug Davis 817-723-7231