NCIC Report Bulletin

Burglary Monroe Louisiana

Monroe, Louisiana

Monroe Louisiana Detectives are investigating a residential burglary which netted the suspects approximately $75,000 in U.S., foreign, gold and silver.

Partial listing of stolen coins:

Rolls 1883-o,1884-o,1899-o,1900-o Morgans GEM, GEM BU 66+ Saudi Arabia KM 34 & 35 1 & 4 pound (oil/Aramco payment) gold, KM775 Turkey AH1327 Yr9 50 Kurush (10,000 minted); KM324 100 Piastres Egypt 1916 (10,000 minted); Turkey AH 1327 KM775 Yr9 50 Kurush (2,000 minted). Also taken was approx. 110 dwt in 14kt gold ready for melt.

If anyone has any information contact.

Det. Jeremy Kent



Doug Davis 871-723-7231

Bedford Gold & Silver Burglary

The Numismatic Crime Information Center is assisting the Bedford ,Texas police department in investigating a burglary which occurred at Bedford Gold and Silver.Several hundred thousand dollars in gold bullion, silver, coins and jewelry was taken. The suspects entered the business from the roof on 12/25/2011 and breached several safes. The suspects spent several hours inside the business and used power tools to peel the safes. Two suspects entered the building in the beginning and then at some point a third suspect entered. The third suspect was most likely a lookout. The suspects took 22 Tag Hauer, 22 Cartier and 12 Omega watches. Many of the watches were 14 or 18 karat gold. Some serial numbers are available. A large amount of gold and silver bullion coins and bars was taken. This is only a partial listing. The suspects may be associated with a group that has been working the Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kansas area. Operators of coin shops, gold and silver exchanges and jewelry stores are potential targets of this group.

Dealers should be suspicious of individuals bringing in large amounts of bullion, expensive watches or melted down gold. If you become suspicious call 911.

Anyone having information on this offense or any other offense that fits the same MO please contact: Det. P.Ripley 817-952-2416 or Det. T. Brown 817-952-2419 or Investigator Shelley 817-952-2433 or Doug Davis 817-723-7231

Missing 1870-CC $20

An 1870-CC $20 NGC AU58 (Cert ID 341402-001) is missing from a shipment from California to Dallas, Texas between Oct.14th and Oct.17th.

If anyone has any information contact:

Paul Minshull Heritage 214-409-1266


Doug Davis 817-723-7231

Home Invasion Robbery $1000 and $500 Notes Taken

Detectives with the New York Police Department are working a home invasion robbery which occurred on October 3, 2011 in Manhattan. A 60 year old victim was injured during the offense and a large amount of jewelry and currency was stolen. Currency taken in the robbery included ten $1000 notes and ten $500 notes. One or more notes were graded and housed in PCGS holders. Additional information on the stolen notes will be provided as soon as it is available.

Any dealer or collector having any information on this offense should contact:

Det. Mok Manhattan Robbery Detail 212-614-6755 or Doug Davis at 817-723-7231

Fort Meyers ,Florida Area Burglary

The Lee County Sheriff’s department is asking assistance in a recent burglary where a large coin collection was taken from a victim who had been taken to Hope Hospice.

The following list of coins were taken: 1937 Antietam NGC/CAC MS 65 1868665-002 Commems: Huegonot MS61, 1920 Pilgrim, 1938d Oregon PCGS MS66, Maryland MS64, Elgin PCGS MS65, Grant MS63, Sesqui MS 62, Cleveland PCGS MS64, California MS62, Monroe 63, 1892 Colombian MS60, Gettysburg PCGS MS64, 1935 Boone MS64, Baybridge PCGS MS64, 1935s Texas MS63 Morgans: 78-CC MS64, 79-CC XF45, 80-CC MS63, 81-CC GSA MS63, 82-CC GSA MS63, 83-CC GSA MS63, 84-CC GSA MS63, 85-CC MS 62, 90-CC AU58, 89-CC XF40, 91-CC MS62, 92-CC XF20, 93-CC AU53 Misc: 1927 Saint Gaudens, 1875-s $20 Liberty, 1909 $5 Indian, 1925-d 2 1/2 AU58, 5 1/2 ounce krugerrands, 1/2 ounce 2011 Panda MS69, 1861 Half Dime AU Details, 1858 .25 Au58, 1855 arrows PCGS Genuine, 1891 .10 PCGS MS61, 1932 .25 AU53, 1866 .05 rays AU58, 1833 .05 ICG AU58. Certification numbers are not available at this time.

A possible person of interest has been identified but additional information cannot be released at this time.

If anyone has information on this offense or comes into contact with anyone attempting to sell any of these coins contact:

Lt. David Piasecki Lee County Sheriff’s Office 239-229-7579 or

Doug Davis at 817-723-7231

Mudered New York Dealer

A Brooklyn coin dealer died Tuesday after a group of thieves pummeled him near his shop and dumped his battered body a mile away, police sources said.

Steve Halfon, 61, had just closed his shop, Liberty Coin Co. on Kings Highway in Gravesend, and was walking to his car when three men ambushed him just before 5:30 p.m., the sources said.

The men beat Halfon to a pulp, stuffed him in a black Volvo sedan and drove away, sources said. They dumped his body on East Seventh St. near Avenue N in Midwood and abandoned the car two blocks later, sources and a witness said.

“One guy gets out, covered in blood, and walks down the street like nothing happened,” said a witness. The suspect threw his bloody T-shirt, a Yankees hat and a gray hoodie in a sewer before running away with the two others, the witness said.

A passing motorist spotted Halfon’s body and called cops. He was taken to New York Community Hospital but couldn’t be saved.

It was not clear what the bandits got away with, but friends said Halfon had an impressive collection of gold and antique relics and always had a load of cash.

No arrests were made.

Spink Reports 1795 $10- 9 Leaves Variety Stolen/Lost

The following coin has been reported stolen/lost by Spink .

1795 $10 - 9 Leaves variety. PCGS MS61 Cert # 19335299

Item was sent via registered mail on May 16th. Item was traced to the Chicago metropolitan area where it has since gone missing. Postal claim and police report has been filed.

If anyone has any information please contact:

Matt Orsini (Spink Smythe) 800-556-7826 or Doug Davis 817-723-7231

Coins Stolen From Traveling ANA Exhibit

ST. LOUIS COUNTY • Police are looking for the thief or thieves who took six rare Civil War-era gold and silver U.S. coins from the Museum of Transportation over the weekend.

Museum staff and police believe a silver dollar and five gold coins dating back between the 1840s through the 1860s were stolen Saturday or Sunday from glass display cases in a traveling exhibit, “Money of the U.S. Civil War,” commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.

1849 Dollar VF, 1857 $3 Gold VF, 1862 $5 Gold VF, 1861 $20 Gold XF, 1847 $10 Gold VF, 1861 $21/2 Gold AU.

Any person having information this offense contact:

St. Louis County Police 314-889-2341


Doug Davis 817-723-7231

Dealer Loses $40,000 in Gold Coins




1852 $20 PCGS GENIUNE/890692/18537602, 1856-S $20 PCGS GENUINE 891992/18048923, 1857 $20 PCGS GENUINE 892095/16774673, 1858-S $20 PCGS GENUINE 892592/18426196, 1861 $20 PCGS GENUINE 893292-18099457, 1873 $20 ANACS OPEN 3 AU53 2721321, 1873 $20 NGC OPEN 3 AU58 NGC 3391810-006, 1873 $20 OPEN 3 XF45 NGC 3311232-022, 1875-S $20 XF45 NGC 3272145-003, 1875-S $20 AU53 NGC 223667-021, 1876-S $20 AU53 NGC 3225622-006, 1876-S $20 AU58 NGC 120942-002, 1877-S $20 XF45 NGC 2279153-010, 1878-S $20 XF40 ANACS 4172056, 1878-S $20 AU50 NGC 3226152-001, 1883-S $20 AU60 PCGS 9000.50/15143278,

Anyone having information should contact:

Bill Brunner - Estate Wholesalers



Doug Davis


Stolen Silver Eagles

Burnaby, BC - NCIC is currently assisting the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Burnaby, British Columbia with a case involving 40 First Strike Silver Eagles PCGS MS70. The coins were found in the possession of a suspect during a traffic stop along with other stolen property.

We are attempting to locate the owner of these coins. Any person having any information on this offense should contact the following authorities.

Cst. Morosoff

Royal Canadian Mounted Police



Doug Davis