NCIC Report Bulletin

Stolen Coins Hendersonville, NC

Detectives with the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office in Hendersonville, NC are investigating a theft involving gold and silver coins.

The following coins have been reported stolen; 10- MS63 $20 St. Gaudens 17- MS64 $20 St. Gaudens 1- MS64 $20 Lib Gold was slabbed/encased in permanent hard plastic case with “Swiss America” stickers on them. 2- MS66 1880S Morgan 220- MS 1921D Morgans

Suspects have been identified as Mona Prince, WF, 6/18/1968, Phyllis Smith AKA Phyllis Nordurft WF, DOB 4/30/1958 and Ruben Caballero AKA Paul Clark, WM/,DOB 12/16/1959.

Anyone having information on this offense should contact; Det. Amber Burgess-Cox 828-694-2757 or Doug Davis 817-723-7231

Copper Collection Stolen Florida

Miami Dade Florida police are investigating the loss of a large copper collection and other U.S. coins. The victim stopped after leaving a local coin show and an unknown person or persons broke into his vehicle and removed a vintage briefcase housing the coins. The suspect vehicle is described as a red Ford F150 pickup.

Below is a partial listing of coins stolen:

1803 large cent Accugrade 40, s256 1803 Large cent Anacs 20, s251 1803 Large cent XF40 smooth collection of approx 150 mid-late date large cents all relatively problem free, many in kraft envelopes with cotton liners grading F-XF. Housed in brown coin box and world coin library folder labeled “coins” were approx 80-100 coins including: 1849 half cent, 1850 tan Large cent AU,1804 half cent fine, various key Lincolns and Indians vg-vf and unc Mex 8R coins.

Anyone having information on this offense should contact:

Det.Kostopouas 305-376-4311 or Doug Davis 817-723-7231

Dealer Victim of Theft after Charlottesville Coin Show

A dealer returning home from a Charlottesville coin show on April 14, 2012 was the victim of a theft that resulted in the loss of his entire inventory.

The dealer who resides in Anandale, VA pulled into his driveway and prepared to unload. The dealer accompanied by his wife and another relative went inside their residence for less than five minutes. While inside an unknown person or persons entered his vehicle and removed several cases containing coins and a large amount of paper money.

A large group of Virginia Nationals was taken and included towns of Warrington, Marshall, Fredricksburg, Winchester, Hot Springs, Fairfax and Charlottesville. Individual boxes of silver dollars, Indians & half cents, large cents and an almost complete set of commemoratives.

The dealer may have been targeted at the show and followed home.

Anyone with information should contact:

Doug Davis 817-723-7231

Pennsylvania Dealer's Inventory Stolen

The Pennsylvania State Police are investigating a vehicle burglary of a dealer who had attended a coin show in Hagerstown,Pennsylvania on March 11, 2012. The dealer had stopped on his way home when the suspects smashed the rear window of his vehicle and removed several cases.

A partial listing of coins and paper money include; Small collection of Civil war tokens,Civil War dog tag with the name Nord 107th Volunteer Harrisburg, PA,30-40 U.S gold coins raw,1863 Proof quarter NGC MS 65,Uncut sheet of three notes $1 denomination 1863 Clearfield, PA,Uncut sheet of 4 notes three 5’s one $10 1863 Clearfield, PA

Anyone having information on this offense should contact:

Trooper Long 717-249- 2121 or Doug Davis 817-723-7231

Double Murder Gold Coins Stolen

The Numismatic Crime Information Center is assisting the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Department located in Louisiana with a robbery that resulted in the death of two males and critically injuring a female. All three victims had their throats slit. The two male subjects died and the female is clininging to life in a local hospital.

The motive in the robbery was a gold coin collection valued at $500,000. The owner of the collection identified as Robert Marchand was a collector and well known businessman in Gonzales, Louisiana.

The brutal slayings probably occurred between 12am and 10am Saturday, February 18,2012. No list is available at this time but will be sent out immediately once I receive it from investigators.

Dealers should be on the look out for any person or persons bringing in a large amount of gold coins to sale or any unusual or suspicious phone calls related to gold coins. Preliminary information is that these coins were mostly numismatic coins not bullion.

Louisiana Dealers are encouraged to contact other dealers to alert them of this offense in case they do not receive our bulletins.

Anyone with any information on this offense should contact:

Doug Davis 817-723-7231

Stolen Coins Putnam County, Georgia

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a burglary which resulted in the loss of several rare coins.

The following coins were taken during the offense:

1863 $20 Liberty NGC AU55 1853/2 $20 Liberty NGC MS60 1853/2 $20 Liberty PCGS MS61

All of these coins are quite rare in any condition.

If anyone has any information on this offense please contact: Det. Abernathy 706-485-4084 or Doug Davis 817-723-7231 or Adam Crum Monaco Coins

Arrest in UPS Thefts

The Los Angeles Police Department has asked that anyone who has had a UPS package missing in the Santa Monica area during the past three years contact the following Detective:

Det. Marc Zavala LAPD Commercial Crimes Division 213-268-0819

Doug Davis Founder/President Numismatic Crime Information Center

Fugitive Wanted in $100,000 Louisiana Coin Dealer Burglary

In our recent January 2012 newsletter we reported a coin dealer burglary which occurred in Monroe, Louisiana. A suspect has been identified and he is on the run. Dealers should be on the look out for the following subject.


Christopher Glenn Hearne White Male Date of Birth 1/21/1984 Alias: Chris Taylor, Chris Tipton

A majority of the stolen coins have been recovered. However the suspect may attempt to sell other coins and jewelry while in flight. A photograph of the suspect will be sent out when available from investigating officers. The suspect is known to have relatives in FL, TX, ARK, and Louisiana.

Any one having any information contact:

Det. Trent 318-329-2521 or Doug Davis 817-723-7231

Burglary Monroe Louisiana

Monroe, Louisiana

Monroe Louisiana Detectives are investigating a residential burglary which netted the suspects approximately $75,000 in U.S., foreign, gold and silver.

Partial listing of stolen coins:

Rolls 1883-o,1884-o,1899-o,1900-o Morgans GEM, GEM BU 66+ Saudi Arabia KM 34 & 35 1 & 4 pound (oil/Aramco payment) gold, KM775 Turkey AH1327 Yr9 50 Kurush (10,000 minted); KM324 100 Piastres Egypt 1916 (10,000 minted); Turkey AH 1327 KM775 Yr9 50 Kurush (2,000 minted). Also taken was approx. 110 dwt in 14kt gold ready for melt.

If anyone has any information contact.

Det. Jeremy Kent



Doug Davis 871-723-7231

Bedford Gold & Silver Burglary

The Numismatic Crime Information Center is assisting the Bedford ,Texas police department in investigating a burglary which occurred at Bedford Gold and Silver.Several hundred thousand dollars in gold bullion, silver, coins and jewelry was taken. The suspects entered the business from the roof on 12/25/2011 and breached several safes. The suspects spent several hours inside the business and used power tools to peel the safes. Two suspects entered the building in the beginning and then at some point a third suspect entered. The third suspect was most likely a lookout. The suspects took 22 Tag Hauer, 22 Cartier and 12 Omega watches. Many of the watches were 14 or 18 karat gold. Some serial numbers are available. A large amount of gold and silver bullion coins and bars was taken. This is only a partial listing. The suspects may be associated with a group that has been working the Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kansas area. Operators of coin shops, gold and silver exchanges and jewelry stores are potential targets of this group.

Dealers should be suspicious of individuals bringing in large amounts of bullion, expensive watches or melted down gold. If you become suspicious call 911.

Anyone having information on this offense or any other offense that fits the same MO please contact: Det. P.Ripley 817-952-2416 or Det. T. Brown 817-952-2419 or Investigator Shelley 817-952-2433 or Doug Davis 817-723-7231